Friday, August 13, 2004

Chapter Six - Saturday morning

Danny opened one eye, immediately regretting the amount of wine she drank last night. She rolled over and pulled the covers up over her head in an unsuccessful effort to keep out the blazing morning sun. Her head was throbbing as she tried to remember why she was up so late and had so much to drink. Oh, yes...the chatroom and theater discussions early into the morning. She didn't do any law school reading and wondered what she had found so exciting in the chatroom and why she had let the time get away from her. After flipping over once more in a fruitless attempt to fall back to sleep, she tossed back the covers and lumbered to her feet.

As soon as her feet hit the floor, she regretted it. Her head throbbed and the sun hurt her eyes. She mouth felt like it was lined with cotton, and everything ached. She started when her law book fell to the floor. "Great!" she thought. "Now I have yesterday's AND today's reading to do!"

As Danny stumbled into the kitchen to start a big pot of coffee she glanced over to the computer monitor where in bright letters "you've got mail" was flashing. While measuring the coffee and spooning it into the filter of the coffee pot took all of her available mental and physical capabilities this morning, Danny managed to keep one eye on the computer screen. Who could possibly have sent her an e-mail, she wondered? The coffee fragrance revived her a bit, and while she waited for the coffee to finish brewing she wandered over to the computer and clicked on "check new e-mail." There, amidst five SPAM and junk mail messages was an e-mail from "Theaternut."

It took Danny a few seconds to remember who that was, and as she struggled to focus enough to read the e-mail, she felt the unfamiliar pleasure of anticipation. It was a simple and short e-mail, welcoming her to the theater discussion group where Theaternut was one of the resident experts. Danny found herself smiling and her head aching a bit less as she got up from the computer to pour her first cup of coffee of the day. Maybe she could put off that reading for a little while longer... The computer screen beckoned as Danny sat down and made herself comfortable. She clicked "reply" and started to type.

to be continued....